I want to be domesticated!

I want to be a housewife.
I need to find a husband who wants to let me stay home. I need to stop working…for the sake of my sanity. My job drives me crazy! The people I work with drive me crazy, the people who come into my job to get assistance drive me crazy.

I want a cute little house, with some cute little kids running around in it, with me being mommy and housewife. I can do that. I will make dinner, and clean and be the perfect housewife!

I do realize this would probably get old after a while. I would still want to work just not as much as I do now, for supplemental income and to get myself out of the house. I would like to volunteer more of my time to certain charities, so my time would not be wasted.


Gman is away visiting his family in CT at the moment and he has been there since Friday. UGGGH. I miss him terribly and I can’t wait to see him on Thursday!

I suck so much in school right now. I hate it. I have never done this bad in my life. This is the most frustrating thing.