I think I’m broken

Lately, sex hasn’t been something on my mind…I really do think there is something wrong with me…I am 22, I should be a sex machine. When I masturbate it doesn’t feel as good as it normally does and I do not feel as horny as I usually do. I feel bad for gman because he is a guy…and let’s face it, he needs sex. I want to make him happy and I want to make it great for him every time. I need to go see a sex psychologist or something. Perhaps this is just a phase and it will soon pass?! Very possible.. I hope it does pass soon though. I need sex in my life! Maybe this short story will revamp me a bit :p

Lay me down on the kitchen table and undress me slowly. article by article at a slow and steady rate. once all my clothes are removed, flip me over to my stomach and start to rub lotion all over my back, make your way down to my legs and butt. pull my legs apart and rub around my pussy but don’t touch it yet…make me want it. Flip me over and massage my boobs and stomach…touch me all over…god I love it when you touch me. make me beg and plead for your dick. Jump on top of me and pound my pussy..fuck me harder than you ever have. and then come all over my stomach and boobs.

I love you…but I am afraid to tell you…I do not know how to start the conversation and I do not know how you will respond…


Ok guys, I need some help here! PLEASE

On facebook…there is this contest that I am trying to win and I need just 25 seconds of your time!! Thanks everyone!!

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Dave Matthews Band Caravan

I will be in Chicago in July for the DMB  Caravan and I can not wait!!!!

There will be sooo many bands there and this will be my first official “festival”…I will def be recapping on all the bands I see and how the whole experience is….also, gman and I are going together and we are staying in downtown chicago hotel.


check this shit out









My Sincere Apologies

I am incredibly sorry I haven’t  been able to write anything in the last couple of weeks. I have been ridiculously busy with finals(one of which I finnished this morning around 1030)…which was then celebrated with cocktails with a fellow classmate and friend and we were basically tipsy before noon. It was best end to the semester I could ask for.

I swear to goodnessgraciousallmighty I will write soon…and it will be juicy and wonderful!!

So hang in there!


The last post is password protected…if you want to read it email me for the password and I will give it to you. There was a scare about my real name being tied to my blog and in an effort to make sure certain parties don’t see specific things, I have created a password.


So ask me! ❤

Search Terms

Here are some search terms that people have used to find my blog:

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hmmm you people are weird…especially the 3 people that looked for “penis in school teen boys”… I have never said anything about teen school boys…nor will I ever…because that’s gross and ILLEGAL


Just thought I would share this…I got a kick out of seeing what words people use to find my blog!


I’m sorry, do I look like an idiot to you?

Does he think I’m stupid? Hmmm or does he just have a complete disregard for what I feel, or for what I don’t like. Seriously! we have a huge discussion about a week ago where i stated that I DID NOT like the fact that you are still talking to your ex, constantly. Literally at least 1 of the texts that you get EVERY single time I’m with you is from her! And what do you know… I was with you tonight and you get a text…I’m sitting right next to you and hmm…wonder who it could be??? ohh thats right its HER. I know body language. I’m sorry, did you miss the fact that I am a psychology major…I pay attention to these things, I study these things, I have classes upon classes on these things…did you just tune out on that part of the conversation?? You take your goddamn phone and tilt it away from me when its a text from her and when it’s not you make it blatantly obvious to show your phone to me!!! I told you I did not like this! I am not one to snoop through others things, I am not one to want to know exaactly what everyone says to you via text, twitter, facebook and whatever the hell else you have. Hell I don’t even care that you talk to your ex. The fact of it all is that you talk to her ALL THE FUCKING TIME. And it’s not like you don’t know about this…its not like you are oblivious to the fact that I do not like this…it makes me uncomfortable. You give me fucking anxiety every time I look at your facebook and see that she wrote yet another thing on your page about something!! Or every time you decide to go out with your friends, I know she’s going to be there. You are causing more anxiety in my life right now than anything else.

I also found in your texts when I asked to see your phone a text from her about going to a concert in the future with her…you responded “yes I would love to!” I confront you about this and your all….ohh well you didn’t seem like you wanted to go with me…..REALLY!?!? Did I miss the boat on this one? Just because I seemed like I didn’t want to go(mind you, I NEVER once said I didn’t want to, the only thing that came out of my mouth was, I’m going to have to check my sched(work sched) and see if I can make it), you then revert back to the ex and go with her? If I sound even slightly crazy here…please someone let me know!

I am not and will not have a relationship where I constantly worry about who’s texting you, who you’re going out with and what you’re doing and deleting before I can see it. I haven’t done it before and I will not do it now.


I sure fucking hope you can get your act together soon or its over…I’m not wasting my time on someone who cant get over their fucking ex from 2 damn years ago. and when I mean get over…I don’t mean “liking sexually or anything of that sort” I mean get the fuck over talking to her…you told me “ohh I only respond because she says things and I feel bad if I don’t…I don’t want to be mean to her or not respond.”….whoa whoa that doesn’t seem like the case at all..in fact I’m pretty sure you might even initiate some of these conversations. UGH I’m so the fuck over this right now!!

The Boy! :)

As I sit here at the baby Starbucks(It’s called baby because its a little white shack looking building home to the national franchise,Starbucks) I’m looking out the front window and onto the street peering across the way at my college campus. I am watching people come and go….fat, old, smokers and non smokers, skinny, young, some slutty looking(its like 50 degrees outside so people think its ok to wear shorts and a tank top) I cant help but ot wonder what their stories’ are. What they do, who they all are. Then I think about myself and my situation. Am I happy? If not how can I change it? What do I need to do to make myself more happy? Get a less demanding job so I can focus on school and myself more? Quit school and focus on that? no fuck that! I see what my job does to people lives. It takes them over…makes them completely un family oriented. Nope! That’s not me!!

I have been hanging out with gman alot more lately. Yesterday he asked me if I wanted to be his”official” girlfriend. I got scared and tensed up and said I would let him know. I wanted to fucking just scream, YES PLEASE! that would be amazing. I like him so much and he is so nice to me and he is trying so hard. He opened doors for me yesterday and complimented me the whole day. I really like him, I don’t know what I am afraid of!

I need to completely retract my statement I made on the chivalry being dead post. He is my gentleman, he is everything I want. He is everything I need in my life right now. Every time I think about him it makes me smile, every time we go out and do something I get butterflies in my stomach before hand because I don’t want to do anything silly and mess what we have up. He is so nice to me and does anything he can for me. He is so funny and always makes me laugh. He listens to me  when I need him to. I am so excited to introduce him to my parents, I know they will love him! I am so excited to meet his parents and can’t wait to see his hometown where he grew up! I want this to work out so bad…I feel as if I might be messing it up at times and I am afraid of that more than anything. He truly is perfect for me. I am excited to see what comes of this.


Today I woke up feeling like a mothefucking champ. I got out of bed this morning ready to take on the day and ready for the iphone launch! Dun dun dunnnnnn

This is all ruined within the first 5 minutes that I walk through the door of work. I’m greeted by “I’m going to need you to do these 3 trainings that you have failed to complete before you can go on the sales floor today”. ok Mr. Boss man I’ll get right on that. I complete my trainings and then go out on the sales floor to begin my day. Yes there has been a damper put on my mood but I’m still in good spirits because I know tomorrow will come and go before I know it. Then it all starts, I open my email to see about 20 emails about things that will be changing for the launch tomorrow. Great…I can adapt to change. Change is good right? Well no, not right when I have to basicly relearn what I’ve been told about the phone, its capabilities and the process of how I ring out the iphone. Ok if there are so many changes then my management should be able to answer my questions about these changes right? Well no, not right…they have no fucking clue!

So basicly if you come to my store tomorrow and I help you don’t ask me any questions about anything unless you want a bullshit answer…those I am good at. 🙂


Oh My God. I want this. BAD.



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