I think I’m broken

Lately, sex hasn’t been something on my mind…I really do think there is something wrong with me…I am 22, I should be a sex machine. When I masturbate it doesn’t feel as good as it normally does and I do not feel as horny as I usually do. I feel bad for gman because he is a guy…and let’s face it, he needs sex. I want to make him happy and I want to make it great for him every time. I need to go see a sex psychologist or something. Perhaps this is just a phase and it will soon pass?! Very possible.. I hope it does pass soon though. I need sex in my life! Maybe this short story will revamp me a bit :p

Lay me down on the kitchen table and undress me slowly. article by article at a slow and steady rate. once all my clothes are removed, flip me over to my stomach and start to rub lotion all over my back, make your way down to my legs and butt. pull my legs apart and rub around my pussy but don’t touch it yet…make me want it. Flip me over and massage my boobs and stomach…touch me all over…god I love it when you touch me. make me beg and plead for your dick. Jump on top of me and pound my pussy..fuck me harder than you ever have. and then come all over my stomach and boobs.

I love you…but I am afraid to tell you…I do not know how to start the conversation and I do not know how you will respond…


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