I want to be domesticated!

I want to be a housewife.
I need to find a husband who wants to let me stay home. I need to stop working…for the sake of my sanity. My job drives me crazy! The people I work with drive me crazy, the people who come into my job to get assistance drive me crazy.

I want a cute little house, with some cute little kids running around in it, with me being mommy and housewife. I can do that. I will make dinner, and clean and be the perfect housewife!

I do realize this would probably get old after a while. I would still want to work just not as much as I do now, for supplemental income and to get myself out of the house. I would like to volunteer more of my time to certain charities, so my time would not be wasted.


Gman is away visiting his family in CT at the moment and he has been there since Friday. UGGGH. I miss him terribly and I can’t wait to see him on Thursday!

I suck so much in school right now. I hate it. I have never done this bad in my life. This is the most frustrating thing.


I guess there’s a first time for everything!

First time I told someone about my crush on you;

It was our friend, female backpack(I will call her that because she is the epitome of a female backpack…but that’s a whole ‘nother post). We work with her and she was one of the only people I really talked to at work at the time. I was still with the ex and told her to keep it quite because it was just a crush. I thought about you all the time and every time I talked to you at work I blushed(even though I still do this a good bit now)

First time we did something together outside of work;

It was a Friday after our Friday morning meeting, you invited me over to your house until my shift started. I lived about 30 minutes away from work so driving home would have been a wasted trip. We got to your house and I was sooo nervous. I knew you had no clue I had a crush on you and I was still with the ex. You just did this being kind, you had no expectations of doing anything with me and you even sat on a different couch. You were just being a genuinely nice guy. You slept with your black stripped comforter on the other couch while I watched Sportscenter on your TV.

First time I hung out with you and one of your friends;

It was Christmas and I came over after I left my family. Your family doesn’t live down here and neither does your friends’ (let’s call him Sam Adams–he drinks a ridiculous amount of alcohol and is continuously partying). So you and Sam Adams were hanging out at your place and I came over. I was nervous(like every other time I did anything with you) to see you, but mostly to meet one of your friends(in case you guys haven’t noticed I have really bad anxiety meeting new people, especially people I know that are important to gman). So I walked in and you guys were watching basketball. I suggested we go get some beer and drink a little bit. You and I got into my car(which you were so very afraid of my driving-mostly because I did take up 2 parking places when we arrived at the store-but in my defense it was Christmas and no one was out) went to the store and got some beer–you paid because the ATM was not working for me for some weird reason and the gas station apparently didn’t take credit cards(RIIIGGGHTT). We went back to your place with the beer and watched Life on Discovery Channel and countless episodes of Bear Grylls.

First time we kissed;

We were at your house…I had never seen the upstairs to your house on the couple of occasions I was there. So you asked me if I wanted to see it. I said yes and you gave me a tour. As we got back downstairs I was walking toward the small couch in your living room. You grabbed my arm and softly turned me around and kissed me. I was shaking, I was sooo nervous. You were so gentle and everything was so perfect.

First time we had sex;

We were at your house, it was in the evening we started on the couch kissing and touching each other, we then went upstairs and continued. Again you were so gentle and so kind and you asked me to make sure this was what I wanted to do and I was comfortable with it before it went any further. You were amazing. You really know what to do make me comfortable. You really know how to make me moan and keep me satisfied.

The time you asked me to be your girlfriend;

This situation is better told by you… and for anyone who wants to read, you can do so here!

We were downtown for the day, just walking around, we had some lunch and afterward we went to a local restaurant and had some beers. We were at a park downtown right on the water with this huge fountain in the shape of a pineapple (coincidentally named The Pineapple Fountain). Your arms were wrapped around me from behind and I was looking out toward the fountain. You said you’ve really enjoyed the time we have spent together this far and want more times like these in the future. You said a number of other very nice things about us and then asked me if I wanted to be your official girlfriend. I stupidly didn’t answer and was kind of shocked that you actually asked me this question. You kept talking for a minute or so and then said if I didn’t want to tell you right then that was ok. You are such a gentleman.

I am so glad I said yes, I am so glad we are together. You are magnificent, every part of you is beautiful and every time we are together I am happy and you’re the only thing that matters to me.

I really hope we can have many more firsts.


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