Here’s to sexy time, anxiety and happiness!!

So if you guys don’t think I’m bipolar…then there is something wrong with YOU! 🙂 My last post was an angry rant of mine in which I sounded completely disgusted with the situation between gman and I.

We talked about this AGAIN and hopefully this will not be a problem ever again.

Gman’s birthday was on Friday and we went out on Saturday. I was a mess beforehand because all I could think about was meeting his friends at dinner and then some more friends later that night at the bars. Despite my anxiety, It def was a success! I had a blast and I can’t wait to do it again! All of his friends were very nice to me and it was awesome! Also his ex girlfriend did not show up, which was even better.

We also took a couple minute trip to the bathroom and had a little fun! WOO HOOO. All the entries on my  little life list I have going might get crossed off before I know it!!

After the bar that night we went back to his place, on the ride home I was driving and he kept kissing and touching me and even unbuttoned my pants….when we walked in his house, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and barely made it upstairs, well we actually left almost all our clothes downstairs. I wasn’t thinking his roomie was coming back but apparently she had the same ideas we had! She came home to discover us having sex upstairs in gman’s bedroom and all of our clothes scattered downstairs. Her and her man actually had sex in her room right next to gman’s while we were having sex too…that’s fucking sexy if you ask me. Not to mention I had bruises all over my legs and arms from us. 😀

So I know the time is coming for gman to meet my parents and where they live and all that good stuff. I am sooo excited about this, I can’t wait for him to meet everyone. I think everyone will like him so much and they will all get along very well. There is one thing that I am so insecure about and have been since I can remember. Since I have had the same bf since high school I really didn’t have to worry about this, I  grew up with him and I have had all the same friends since middle/high school. There is no reason I should be insecure about this and there really is no reason I should even care what other people think. But I do and I am. My parents live in a city of Charleston that is known as “upscale” or where people with money live….and this is true. somewhat. My parents are not rich, nor are we “upscale” by any means. We don’t have a membership to a country club, I don’t have a trust fund, my parents don’t have multiple houses and cars, hell my parents haven’t even given me any money since I was probably 15. My mom just got a job at a local police department to be a 911 dispatcher and my dad owns his own contracting business. My parents live in a double wide trailer, and its not a trashy double wide…it has hardwood floors inside and they have painted and redone all the bathrooms. They keep it clean and its not the typical “trailer” that you think about. I feel like I am being so superficial thinking the way that I do and worrying about minuscule things like this…. I also think, Oh if anyone else doesn’t like me or judges me based on this thing then they aren’t worth being my friend, they aren’t worth my time. But I like gman and I don’t want something like this to fuck it all up. This is also something that is super awkward for me to talk about…how do I bring this up, how do i start this conversation, is this even a conversation that needs to be discussed? I should not be ashamed of where I live, have lived or where my parents live. My parents are amazing people and if they are happy, then I should be happy! This should not bother me…but it does! 😦

“I like waking up to you….and going to bed next to you”-gman


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. im_anewsoul
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 23:40:21

    always be honest with how you feel. Obviously this is important to you so just talk to him and express how you feel. There is no script that you need to read just speak from your heart and the rest will come to you. 🙂


  2. jen
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 19:00:55

    Totally, honesty is the best policy. But how about going out to eat with your parents before he learns everything about them? I always found it easier to have the “meeting the parents” scenarios on a mutual ground somewhere, that way no judgements are made and everyone can relax a little.


    Aug 18, 2012 @ 03:19:24



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