Today I woke up feeling like a mothefucking champ. I got out of bed this morning ready to take on the day and ready for the iphone launch! Dun dun dunnnnnn

This is all ruined within the first 5 minutes that I walk through the door of work. I’m greeted by “I’m going to need you to do these 3 trainings that you have failed to complete before you can go on the sales floor today”. ok Mr. Boss man I’ll get right on that. I complete my trainings and then go out on the sales floor to begin my day. Yes there has been a damper put on my mood but I’m still in good spirits because I know tomorrow will come and go before I know it. Then it all starts, I open my email to see about 20 emails about things that will be changing for the launch tomorrow. Great…I can adapt to change. Change is good right? Well no, not right when I have to basicly relearn what I’ve been told about the phone, its capabilities and the process of how I ring out the iphone. Ok if there are so many changes then my management should be able to answer my questions about these changes right? Well no, not right…they have no fucking clue!

So basicly if you come to my store tomorrow and I help you don’t ask me any questions about anything unless you want a bullshit answer…those I am good at. 🙂


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