Doin’ the DIIRRTYY


so I’ve seen some other bloggers making “life lists” both sexual and non. So I will make mine or start it for that matter. It will just be a post for now, but I will soon make it into its own page, once I come up with enough to make it interesting. Suggestions are definitely welcome!

  • Have a threesome- I want this sooo bad, but I just cant get over the awkwardness part and I also haven’t found a 3rd suitable person
  • Role play- you know typical school girl, secretary, cheerleader(again, I want to do this so bad, but the idea is a little bit awkward for me, I want to become more comfortable with it soon!)
  • Use toys with my SO- nothing too crazy, maybe just a cock ring, vibrator, etc.
  • Have sex in a car while going through an automatic car wash
  • Have sex while someone else is watching- on that same note, I want to do it in a room that has a large window as it’s wall. I want to do it right up against the window so that others can see.
  • Similar to the above and below- having sex while on a web cam on a site like chat roulette(obviously not chat roulette but a sex type chat roulette site)
  • Having sex while being video taped
  • Have sex on the beach at night
  • Have sex on a hotel balcony
  • Silk/satin sheets with candles all around(I know sooo cliche, but I want it!)
  • Outside, somewhere border-line public
  • On the hood of a car(preferably at night, and down a deserted road of sorts)
  • Sex swing. Enough said.
  • Sex while blindfolded and tied up and tie up and blindfold my SO/ I also want to be spanked and have my hair pulled(not terribly hard, I wouldn’t consider myself a sadist at all)
  • Give a sexy striptease (I do not feel graceful or sexy enough for this, but I would love to do it to please the other person)
  • Have sex in the rain
  • Try some positions in one of those Kamasutra books


More to come!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Foxy Lady
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 23:06:48

    Nice list! Have LOTS of fun accomplishing everything on it 😉


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