The eff word and CAPS LOCK

So the ex came over last night, he has been asking to hang out for a couple days now. To be honest I was kind of scared when he came over(he used to be very physical with me, especially when he was drunk and not happy about something) I didn’t know what his intentions were; if he was going to blow up or try to be nice to me. This is the type of mindfucking he has been doing to me since November, so I wouldn’t put it past him. I told him about gman a while back and I think it is sinking in and he is scared? I don’t know what else to think. So he came over and brought the dog so I could see him. first off he was trying to hug me and rub my leg. WHAT THE FUCK. I asked him to stop multiple times and told him if he was going to do these things we could not EVER hang out. I don’t know what has gotten into him, I just don’t understand why he is acting like this. I went to take the dog outside and play with him for a minute. When I came back in he was on my fucking computer….WHAT THE FUCK. on my desktop I have a couple of pictures from tumblr, mostly sex-ish images. I also had a word document up that was written by gman, nothing bad, just saying thanks for letting him stay over….he read that. WHAT THE FUCK. He called me a freak and asked me what kind of freaky shit I was into now(since I had those pictures) he also saw a word document that I had that’s entitled “Blog ideas”, he wanted to know where my blog was and he wanted to read it…..yeah fuck you buddy, not a chance in hell. He told me I must write about all the sex I must be having on this blog of mine, I just kept quiet because I do not want to antagonize him or the situation, which makes him even more mad and he starts talking more shit about me. Oh well..what am I to do.

We have since decided apparently we can’t even be friends right now. I can’t deal with him and his unpredictability.


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  1. elsiewrites
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 05:25:18

    I’m sorry, that SUCKS. I suppose it is best to let him become part of your past. It is possible to stay friends after a breakup, but it sure isn’t easy, and sometimes there needs to be a good amount of time before that can happen. From the sound of things though, I don’t know if this dude is friend material; he demonstrated some very poor and immature behavior.


  2. Kelly
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 19:30:55

    oh…… he’s an insecure little baby bitch that’s for sure. Pardon my language but….really now? What a douche!


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