Soooo I’m feeling a bit schizo at the moment.

After leaving work today (which was not as terrible as it has been lately), I went to eat with some coworkers at this buffet joint….this guy that I work with and I’m into at the moment decided not to come out with us, which bummed me out because I like the hang out with him. so afterwards I am texting him about his plans, trying to hint towards the fact that I wanted to hang out and he says that his ex has to bring over their dog (they have this split custody thing with their dog….weird…I know right…but it works for them), fine no big deal, what I don’t get is…uggghh forget it…. Anywho, we are not “dating”, so I cant exactly be mad or upset about it.

On a lighter note, I have just discovered a blog by some blonde chick who lives in cali, she writes about the sexcapades in her life and she is sooo damn empowering. I have always been very awkward for me to talk about sex and anything having to do with sex….I am working on it.

So sex with the ex was a bit dull and routine. sex with this new guy lets call him G-Man (he is a Giants fan and I cant seem to come up with any other nickname for him) is great!! He does this thing with his fingers and its pure bliss. I really like him and love to hang out with him. I don’t want to over-do it and mess anything up. The best part about him is that he is so open to new things while having sex and he makes it easy to talk about.

blog #2 complete and I am already feeling a little bit better about life right now, even if no one EVER reads this, I like the feeling of letting this all go….into cyberspace…



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